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2022 Transit Initiatives Public Consultation Survey

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York Region Transit (YRT) is currently planning its 2022 Annual Transit Initiatives, and we want to hear from you!

Annual Service Plans summarize planned changes to YRT services and new programs, facilities, or routes that are being considered. The 2022 Initiatives presentation summarizes planned changes for 2022, understanding that service updates will depend on ridership changes due to COVID-19, changes to social restrictions and final budget approvals.

Please take a moment to review the Transit Initiatives presentation and fill in the survey below! 

If you require assistance, please call our Contact Centre at 1-866-668-3978.

Section 1: Help us understand your travel needs

Prior to COVID-19, How often did you use York Region Transit?

How often are you currently using York Region Transit (given the impacts of COVID-19)?

Prior to COVID-19, which of the following services did you use most often? Check all that apply.

Prior to COVID-19, which time(s) of day did you most often travel? Check all that apply.

Note: For planning purposes, please consider travel to high schools as “rush hour”, even if school bells may ring after 9 a.m. or before 3 p.m.

Which municipalities do you most often travel from, based on your most common trips? Check all that apply.

Which municipalities do you most often travel to, based on your most common trips? Check all that apply.

Do you regularly use other neighbouring transit agencies as part of your travel? If yes, check all that apply.

Optional: Please provide us with the first three digits of your postal code/trip origin for your most regular trip (work, school, etc.)